About Us

Founded and managed by the director, Daniel Beckford of the well established Gadget Rehab, The LCD Recycle Centre is a new company of 2019 with a vast amount of experience and expertise behind it.

Daniel saw a gap in the LCD refurbishing market as not only was it difficult to find a good supplier for buying high quality iPhone LCDs but there was not many LCD buyers in the UK that were able to actually refurbish the original LCDs and resell them back. Most suppliers were simply sending the used original LCD's to China for recycling. 

Little did Daniel know that learning to refurbish LCDs was not going to be easy. In fact it was was one of the hardest challenges he had ever faced in his technical career. He bought courses online and studied YouTube videos however most of these worked out to be a waste of time or money.

Being the determined person that Daniel is he stuck at it, sort some excellent advise from industry experts and after more than one year of trying and failing and almost given up he finally mastered the process. So what now...

Having mastered the process it was then quite easy for Daniel to offer LCD refurbishing to companies already associated to Gadget Rehab and other businesses that were interested in refurbishing their LCDs. After some great success and positive feedback Daniel decided to start The LCD Recycle Centre offering Original Refurbished LCDs to the public as well as an LCD buy back or reprocessing service to businesses that recycle their LCDs. 

Daniel has also decided to share his knowledge of the LCD refurbishing market by offering advice for the best tools and machinery as well as one 2 one LCD refurbishing training courses at affordable prices that will hopefully help others to begin or continue their journey in LCD refurbishing. 

Acknowledgements go out to Ben from LCD Repair Lab who has been a big help to Daniel throughout his journey. "respect to a very good man".